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So What Are The Royal Canadian Sea Cadets?

Royal Canadian Sea Cadets is for boys and girls from 12 to 18 years old.

This rewarding program develops Leadership, Citizenship and Physical Fitness in Canadian youth. Cadets are encouraged to become active, responsible members of their community. They learn valuable life and work skills including teamwork, leadership, and citizenship. Cadets also reap the personal benefits of increased self-confidence and physical fitness, learning how to take initiative, and make decisions. Cadets make valuable contributions to Canadian society on a daily basis in terms of environmental, citizenship and community activities and services.

The Cadet Movement is the largest youth organization in Canada.The Royal Canadian Sea Cadets bases it’s training on maritime subjects, such as seamanship and sailing and history of the Royal Canadian Navy. There area also subjects on such things as marksmanship, outdoor adventure training and leadership. The combined training helps to instill a number ofpersonal sklls like initiative, self-esteem, confidence, problem solving skills and awareness of environmental issues.The training year runs from September to June of each year. During the summer months, cadets are selected to attend Cadet Summer Training Centres across the county, to take part in various training. Senior cadets have opportunites for exchanges to foreign countries and may also be employed at the Training Centres. There is no cost to join the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets. All uniforms and learning material is provided free of charge.

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