286 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps TRILLIUM

Staff Resources

Phase I Handbook (2019) Phase I Instructional Guide Phase I Qualificaton Standard and Plan
Phase II Handbook (2019) Phase II Instructional Guide Phase II Qualification Standard and Plan
Phase III Handbook (2019) Phase III Instructional Guide 1
Phase III Instructional Guide 2
Phase III Qualification Standard and Plan
Phase IV Handbook (2019) Phase IV Instructional Guide Phase IV Qualification Standard and Plan
Phase V Instructional Guide Phase V Qualification Standard and Plan

  • Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Drill and Ceremonial

  • Canadian Armed Forces Manual of Drill and Ceremonial (online only) Download hard copy here

  • RCSC Manual Vol 2 1983

  • Canadian Forcees Honours Policy (2019)

  • CAF-267 Vol 2 Commissioned Ships

  • Naval Traditions, by Capt(N) Bob Allan

  • Safe Boating Guide

  • Canadian Collision Regulations 2021

  • Radio Aids to Navigation 2021

  • SCOP Mod 2 ROC(M) training (marine radio)

  • SCOP reference cards

  • Supply Sizing Workbook

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